Pics 1-4

Supplied by Pedlar Palmer.

Anyone for deck hockey.


H M S Tiger

1961 - 1963

Left to Right Jan Pascoe. Monty Montieth. PO ???? Jack Raine. Pedlar Palmer.



Left to Right Jack Raine Pedlar Palmer PO ???? PO????? PTI.


Bob Timmins birthday bash.


Left to Right Scouse Lawrenson. Pedlar Palmer. Sharkey Ward. Toots Dishman.
Bob Timmins [birthday boy] Brian Smith. & Bill Parks.



Left to Right Bob Timmins. Brian Smith. Parksy. Jock Aitken. Aly Barber. The butcher.
Jan Pascoe & Florrie Ford.


Circa 1961 Banyan off Tiger

Pic from
Don Strawford



Don with guitar ( Original FEDERAL) ,David McGuffy to the right.

Rest from the Fwd Stokers Mess, anyone know who they are???


Propping up the bar.  

ME Johno Johnson and Marine John Gifford [Gib or Malta]



Unable to put names to this pic.



Tiger bell made from the Tiger that served at Jutland.
The plaque is from the 60-63 Tiger.
Pic supplied by Mark Jarrold son of Lt Cdr Jarrold D.J. Weapons and Radio Dept

Up Spirits.


Fwd Stokers mess just before tot time.

I think this pic was taken by N.A.I. Whitehead J.D.D. Ships photographer.

Possibly the Catacombs in Palermo on the Med leg.


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My part in the Borneo do 62


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