H M S Tiger

1961 - 1963


My part in the Borneo issue.

Onboard HMS Tiger December 1962.

We were due to arrive at Singapore at 0800 on Monday 10th December 1962 on return from our Australian tour. [one glorious piss-up]

Late on Sunday night orders were received that Tiger was required to lift troops to Borneo, so as soon as the ceremonial entry had been completed the ship was crashed into activity.

The quarterdeck, instead of being prepared for the Admiral’s farewell “cake and arse” party [cocktail party], was converted into a marquee-like structure.
Red and green gun decks and 02G decks forward were also treated in the same way.
So much canvas should at least have made the troops at home, although they may have been disappointed at having no anti flooding trenches to dig.

All boats, except the whalers, were landed and their place taken by a variety of transport including 9 Landrovers, 10 trailers, 4 Ferret scout cars, one tractor and two water bowsers.

About 40 tons of other miscellaneous army stores, including ammunition, were also embarked. Meanwhile, of course, preparations were in hand to feed and sleep the invading hordes.

The troops arrived during the evening, and consisted of the First Battalion Green Jackets, elements of HQ Company of 42 Commandos, a small detachment of The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars and one monkey with Green Jacket affiliations,

making a total 634 ½ . The Green Jackets could be forgiven their slightly dazed expressions as most had come 640 miles by road and rail from Penang, and some had been engaged on exercises near the Thia border only 48 hours previously.

They all thought they were only coming to Singapore to stand by and were somewhat surprised to find themselves bundled aboard HMS Tiger. In fact it was only a repeat of the evolution we had carried out together during “FOTEX”, and this stood both sides in good stead. [FOTEX was a previous exercise transporting troops]

At 2245 that evening the ship sailed. Course was set for Borneo at 27 knots in weather conditions which could hardly have been kinder, with no swell and a cessation of the heavy rainstorms which had pissed everyone off during the day.

Tuesday was uneventful except on the domestic side where over 5,000 meals were served. There was an almost continuous service with breakfast starting at 0530, diner starting at 1000, and evening meal starting at 1500.

Seem to remember the troops were entitled to a rum issue and on the second day some of the troops said they didn’t need any rum as they still had some left over from the previous day.

At first light on Wednesday 310 Green Jackets were landed at Miri in Northern Sarawak. The ship weighed at 1030 and proceeded to Labuan in British North Borneo.

On arrival at Victoria Harbour we went along side a wooden jetty and disembarked the remaining troops including the Royal Marines and all their stores and remaining transport.

HMS Tiger’s own Royal Marines Detachment was also landed to take over guard duties at the airfield.

The Admiral flew to Brunei for a conference and on his return the ship slipped and legged it back to Singapore.

Sembawang and Nee-soon were the order of the day on our return and of course finishing off down Bogis Street in Singa’s.
Congratulating ourselves on a smooth operation of getting the troops to Borneo and getting the f*ck out of there before the serious shooting started.

Here yer go….. some piccies of the troop loading and disembarking. Scroll down the page for the troop photos.


Taken from the Tiger Second Commission Book, with a few alterations.

Point to remember.
"The sea takes no prisoners"


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